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This is the entry by Avidity Studios for HeartBeast's  The HEART JAM. We entered into it a bit late, leaving us only 36 hours to complete the project. However, we're really proud of the product we've made! Everything in the game, from audio, sound effects, art, etc., was all made from scratch in this time frame.

The point of the game is to stealthily sneak into the king's treasury and share his gold with the poor townspeople. Time and money are scarce in this kingdom, so make haste if you want to help the  people. 


WASD/Arrow Keys - Move

Space - Jump

Shift - Run

Enter/E - Interact With Objects

This game is also controller compatible.

Install instructions

Make sure everything is in one folder.


Robbin Hood.zip 17 MB


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Very nice game, it's just missing more levels! Nice Job!!

This game is totally addictive, i can't stop playing it!